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Slow living for foodies

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Our Mission

A community for women returning to the natural rhythms of living. Celebrating a better relationship with food, our body, and sense-of-self. 

Our mission is simple: 

-Eat whole foods for health.

-Embrace female hormone cycles for balance.

-Slow down & love your life.

Together we'll explore gut health, hormone balance, and the complex relationship we all have with food.

Why You Should Join Us

Life moves fast- your health is suffering for it. Join us for real life actionable strategies for taking back control of food, your health, and your mindset.

Who is Tami?

Hi Friends! 

My name is Tami and I have probably been where you are. Stressed out, over-whelmed, and asking myself "WTF?!" a hundred times a day. 

Early on as an over-achieving athlete I was jumping from one activity to the next, always trying to change my body shape to fit a mold that I could never achieve. Fast forward to the mom-years when I worked a fast-paced corporate job, was raising my kids, and living life as an Army wife in war-time I thought that my period problems were just "stress" and would level out when things calmed down. 

Now that I'm an empty-nest-dog-mom I have found the answers and I use my experience & masters-level education to help women like you avoid the mistakes that I made so you can be the best version of yourself. 

I'm a registered dietitian/nutritionist, yoga instructor, student of ayurveda, and wellness counselor and I'm here to help you improve your relationship with food and love your body with mindful eating. 

I can't wait to meet you- I have so much to share!!

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